Cafit annual meet -2009

On Friday Jan 8, 5:00 PM, at Asma towers, Cafit members gathered for their Annual Meeting.  20 member companies were present to review the past and to plan for the coming year.  It was quite evident from the words of founding members the pleasure they had in seeing  growth in the members since 4 of them met at Cosmopolitan 4 years back.

Duleep set the mood of the crowd with an introductory presentation about IT happenings at Calicut and across the borders.  He touched up on the topics like upcoming ULcyber park at Calicut, regional talent issues,  opensource,  cloud computing and many others. He also briefed about the various activities and achievements of Cafit during 2009.

Followed by a session by Bijith on the importance of cross utilization of regional experts for mentoring.  A discussion and survey about talent gaps in the city was conducted by IIMK students followed.

Before dinner the session was concluded by finalizing the sub committees and members to support existing office bearers.