CAFIT Square

CAFIT Square is a Mini IT Park of the Calicut Forum for Information Technology (CAFIT). A not for profit organization, CAFIT is focused on the goals of bringing a conducive eco system for technology entrepreneurship in Malabar. Established in 2008, CAFIT brings together over 100 man years of collective experience to enable its member companies to drive their enterprises with greater operational efficiency and guides technology entrepreneurs to achieve their business objectives. The presence of premier institutions like NIT C, IIMK, The Technology Business Incubator of Science and Technology etc., also helps technology growth of CAFIT with their support when needed.

CAFIT Square was an innovative idea brought on the anvil by members of CAFIT, to bring world class facilities and a conducive atmosphere for growth of Information Technology in the region. Today, CAFIT Square is looked upon as a progressive approach inInformation Technology development and gets attracted by industry all over. Many of the member companies of CAFIT Square are alumni of premier institutions like NIT C, IIM K etc. The first phase of CAFIT Square has 15 companies. Though 40,000 sq ft area was looked upon as huge at the start, more expansion plans are already projected to the building management to get lease of more space for growth. CAFIT Square Companies share common facilities and hence such facilities are not required to be catered in the individual company area. Training, development program for employees and sharing situations of unique experiences encountered, are all on a common platform.

Guided by collective expertise of over 100 man years

Access to funding

Participation in industry events and round table

Ground up business hand holding

Desk space for 6 months

Part of the CafIT companies corporate social responsibility

How to Enroll

Send in your business plan. Our panel of experts will evaluate your proposal and call for a presentation. You will be mentored by one of the CAFIT member companies, on completion of evaluation process.

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or call us +91 9747 380 289 +91 9447 678 447 to know more about Cafit Square.