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Mega Recruitment Drive

Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP hiring! 1. Java Developer - Freshers 2. PHP Developer - Freshers / 1+ Year Experience 3. React JS Developer - Freshers / 1+ Year Experience 4. WordPress Plugin Developer - 2+ Year Experience Date: 25th September 2021 Time: 9.30 am Venue: Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP Send your resume to […]

FAYA:80 : Demystifying NFT – FAYA:80

In 2021, there has been increased interest in using NFTs, especially around digital arts and digital art creator communities. Digital artists like Beeple, Cryptopunk, etc. have excited the global press by selling their NFT Arts worth millions of dollars. They did this by leveraging the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Huge commotions are happening […]

Cyber Square @ Qatar Digital Learning Summit

Cyber Square Coding & Artificial Intelligence curriculum & platform solution for schools. Cyber Square, UK & Indian based EdTech company is primarily focussed on helping schools to foster innovation by imparting coding and Artificial Intelligence in their curriculum from grade 1 onwards. Their unique methodology of teaching through a blended approach makes them successful […]