Session on “Future of Workplace”

“Session on “Future of Workplace”
CAFIT had conducted a session on “Future of workplace ” in association with NASSCOM and Govt: Cyberpark Kozhikode by Mr Aravind Warrier- Head -People, Strategy, Culture and Happiness (
The session focused on the latest trends and best practices for creating inclusive, flexible, and remote-friendly work environments. Discussions centered around topics such as the rise of remote work, the importance of diversity and inclusion, ways to foster collaboration and communication in a virtual workplace, best practices for managing remote teams, and the role of technology in facilitating a flexible and inclusive work environment.
Experts from various industries shared their insights and real-world examples of successful workplace transformations, providing attendees with valuable information and practical tips for creating a modern and effective workplace.
The collaboration between CAFIT, Nasscom, and the government cyberpark brought together a diverse group of professionals from various industries, providing a platform for meaningful discussions and networking opportunities. The session served as a valuable resource for HR professionals, managers, business owners, and anyone interested in the future of work.
Overall, the “Future of Workplace” session was a great success, providing valuable insights and best practices for creating a modern and inclusive workplace.